Better late than never.

I’m over a year behind in blog updates. Please forgive me. I don’t have a great excuse. Life in America is a lot busier than life in Africa. If you want to know what’s going on in our life, Facebook and Instagram sum it up pretty well: our kid is adorable and we like to do fun stuff with him. Also, he’s naked a lot and I’ve cleaned pee off my living room floor more times than I care to admit. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about Zambia!

On March 28th Mark, Ryan and I will board a plane to Lusaka, Zambia (by way of some European country, I’m sure) for a two year stay. We’re excited. While the past two years in DC have been great and we’ve really enjoyed our time with family, we’re giddy at the thought of Ryan spending his days outside chasing oversized bugs and playing soccer with the neighborhood children. Here’s what we know about life in Lusaka:

  • It’s in the heart of safari country. We would love you to visit us! By international standards, flights to Zambia are reasonable (about $1,100 from ATL). We’ll be itching for visitors and welcome anyone interested after June 2014.
  • Victoria Falls. It’s going to be amazing. So is THIS place. Can’t wait.
  • There is a baby elephant orphanage in the heart of the city. I plan to spend a lot of

    This may be the highlight of my life.

    time there and I have been praying every night that when Ryan is an adult, his earliest memory is feeding a calf.

  • I’m on the job market. Nothing lined up yet, but we’re hopeful. You can’t exactly lobby the host government when you’re staying on a diplomatic passport, so I’m rethinking my career right now and open to your advice.
  • Zambia is a former British colony and the official language is English. I’m bummed that it won’t have the cultural richness of Ethiopia, but grateful that roads will have names, homes will have numbers, and language won’t be a barrier.
  • The slums are in the ‘burbs. We’re bummed about this, too. In Addis, we were

    Lusaka Slums

    surrounded by slums on all sides of our home. This meant serving and ministering to others was easy. In Lusaka, we’ll be in a safe cocoon of wealth and we’ll have to make an effort to get outside our comfort zone. We’re mentally preparing for this now and anxious to get involved in the community.

  • We’re planning to adopt in Zambia and we’re almost done with our home study. We’ve been anxious to adopt for a while now. In Zambia, we’ll petition the ministry of women’s affairs to become foster parents and we’ll be placed with a child for three months before they are forever ours. We’re hoping for a girl, but open to whatever God has in store for us. We are also committed to keeping “birth order” – that is, we may not get an infant, but we will make sure they are younger than Ryan. More posts on adoption to follow.
  • We are packing light. Ethiopia taught us that you don’t need a lot and we’re anxious to get back to a simpler way of life. We’ll be storing most of our possessions in the U.S. If you need to borrow some furniture for two, we’re happy to lend you ours.
  • We’re blessed beyond measure. Our¬†family and friends¬†have been nothing but supportive and we’re forever grateful. Thanks for joining us on this journey!
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  1. this is such exciting news! I am sure you will all find many ways to grow and minister to the people there. They will be lucky to have you there. Hopefully you will keep the blog up better! xoxo barb

  2. Wow!! I was excited to see a new blog post from you in my blog lovin’ list! Just when I thought I should cut back on blog reading you come back. I love to read about your adventures. Cannot wait for more on Zambia (I hope) and the orphaned baby elephants (my heart!) and a little addition to the family!


  3. What an exciting adventure awaits your little family. Be safe and God Bless. Looking forward to reading about Zambia!!


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