Why Wine and Flash Sales Are Never a Good Idea

I know. I know. I owe about a million updates. I’ve been a little too busy participating in life to write about it. And boy is my life sweet. I love spending time with my little family. I love Saturday morning cuddle sessions with Ryan nestled between Mark and I. I love “date nights” with a bottle of cheap wine on my front porch with a baby monitor. I love having someone to share the responsibility of Ryan’s care with and I really love working. I forgot how great it is to talk with adults about adult things.

Last night Mark and I had a date night that involved pork, roasted cauliflower, cheese, crackers and a bottle of wine. It also involved shopping. Mark and I are great shoppers when we’re together – put the two of us in a Homegoods and we can fill a house in an hour – but last night definitely takes the cake for “largest impromptu purchase ever.” We got this guy.

Yup. It’s a sofa. Yes, I have one returning from Ethiopia as well. Mark promises me that the couch returning will not meet my standards and isn’t comfortable. We’ve been talking about our need for a new sofa, but we haven’t been able to find one remotely in our price range. Here’s the problem: we have cats. Cats with claws. Cats with claws that I find cruel to remove. Cats with claws that expertly destroy any upholstered furnishings in their path.

We need a leather sofa. And we LOVE this one. So we bought it. We’ve never sat in it, never touched it, never done anything with it other than drool over its picture on One Kings Lane. So, over pork and wine we decided it would be a good purchase. The whole process (from finding the sofa to purchasing it) took us less than 30 minutes. Calvin (that’s his name) is set to arrive sometime between Nov 5- 8. I will, of course, be sure to share pics as soon as he’s assumed his position in the middle of my living room.

Speaking of the living room – we’ve been painting!!! I’ll post before/after pics ASAP.

Lastly, our air shipment arrives today. With our 250lb allowance, we selected my fall boots (stop your judgement. it’s getting cold and new boots are expensive), curtains, towels, Ryan’s crib and his mattress. My son is six months old tomorrow and will for the first time sleep in a bed that is his own. We’ve never co-slept with him (smothering my son isn’t on the to do list) but he’s never slept in anything other than a sling, car seat or pack-and-play. How GRATEFUL I will be to lay my baby down in his own bed tonight!

The remainder of our belongings are set to arrive the last week of October, but I’m not holding my breath. More posts/updates to follow!

Thanks for being on this journey with us!



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